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Target Audience:
University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff system-wide

Date(s) Published:
April 2017-December 2017

Quantities Produced:


Project Goals

The University of Minnesota’s Next Generation Network project is a 3 year, $70 million undertaking that will replace all components of the wired and WiFi networks across the University of Minnesota system. As a part of this project, updates to WiFi were significant, including changing the preferred secure WiFi network for all University WiFi users from multiple available WiFi networks (including “UofM Secure” at the Twin Cities) to “eduroam” system-wide. eduroam is a worldwide WiFi service that is available at hundreds of colleges, universities, and institutions across the country and the globe.

Marketing Goals

A large marketing and awareness campaign was launched to:
– introduce the entire University community to the eduroam WiFi network,
– educate users about how to use the new network, and
– encourage the necessary transition from retiring networks such as UofM Secure and UMC Secure to eduroam.

As a result of the eduroam campaign, adoption of the eduroam WiFi network grew from 5% in April 2017 on the Twin Cities campus to 93% adoption system-wide by January 2018 (the other 7% of WiFi usage includes the “UofM-Guest” network). OIT was able to retire the UofM Secure WiFi network as a result of the success of the eduroam campaign and the broad awareness it generated in just nine months. Before the retirement of UofM Secure, only 10,000 of the roughly 80,000 UMN WiFi users still remained on UofM Secure and had not yet transitioned to eduroam.

This project was executed with one communicator and one designer. The total spend for this marketing was approximately $9,000 for all campuses, which is a very small percentage of the $70 million budget for the Next Generation Network project, within which the eduroam campaign was charged.


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