Driven: The University of Minnesota Campaign

Category: Campaign/Series

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Target Audience:
UMN donors, alumni, friends, staff, faculty, and the public

Date(s) Published:
September 2017 launch

Quantities Produced:
2,000 copies for the big case, one website, multiple unit cases, brand guide, etc.
$4 Billion Fundraising Campaign for the University of Minnesota
We wanted Driven to reflect the sense of adventure and closeness to nature that our state is known for. As Minnesota’s land grant University, it’s natural that we share the values and motivations of a bold and resourceful citizenry. This campaign is a journey to solve the world’s grand challenges, and its creative expression needed to inspire donors and friends to join this quest for a better tomorrow.

The $4 billion campaign is pacing ahead of schedule ($2.7 billion with 3.5 years to go). In the days around the public launch of the campaign, 127,000 people were reached via social media promoting the new brand.

Total budget, excluding salaries, but inclusive of vendors/contractors:
$75,000, mainly for photography, printing, and media buys


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