The Campaign for Liberal Arts Brochure

Category: Design

Choose a Subcategory:
Multi-Page Print

Target Audience:
Donors and prospective donors, top-level campaign volunteers, and alumni volunteers

Date(s) Published:
October 2017

Quantities Produced:
2500 copies


In CLA we’re going on offense, not defense, in advocating for the enduring value of the liberal arts. This case statement was written to help reshape perceptions of the liberal arts and provide examples of how CLA is carving out its position as an educational powerhouse. It also describes specific ways donors can participate in Shattering Expectations: The Campaign for Liberal Arts.

The content highlights innovative methods we’re using to advance our strategic priorities, which center on undergraduate education, research & engagement, and diversity initiatives. It also provides proof points that provide evidence of our effectiveness in each area, giving donors confidence that their gifts will make a difference.

Our goal is to reignite our communities’ belief in the liberal arts as both the foundation of higher education and key to solving the world’s grand challenges. Another primary goal is inspiring donors to make gifts to the Shattering Expectations campaign.

The piece made clear the College’s priorities and campaign fundraising goals. In addition, staff are able to use this content to more accurately and persuasively describe CLA’s strategic plan, staying on message and using consistent language to describe priorities and giving opportunities around career readiness; research and engagement; and access, inclusiveness, and diversity initiatives.

The  internal team consisted of our chief marketing officer, director of brand and marketing, and campaign director. Design & writing was created in-house. Photography was a combination of in-house and external photographers. Printing & photography = $8,722.



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