CEHD Connect-The magazine of the College of Education and Human Development

Category: Design

Choose a Subcategory:
Regular Publication

Target Audience:
Alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the College of Education and Human Development

Date(s) Published:
April, August and December 2017 (spring/summer, fall, and winter issues)

Quantities Produced:
app. 65,000 per issue

CEHD Connect magazine expresses the values of our college through stories and updates that inform and inspire our readers about the work of our faculty, students, staff, and alumni, including new research, innovation, and engagement. Our team also aims to make Connect a vehicle for building relationships and community within and across our college. The magazine has also supported our capital campaign, Improving Lives, with a campaign insert supplement.

From a design perspective, we had a magazine design refresh this year, with introduction of bolder, more people-focused covers and updated cover line treatments. Additionally, we met our campaign goal early last year, and have recently launched Phase 2 of our fundraising goals, which in turn led to a design refresh of the campaign giving section (evident between our Fall and Winter issues). Our development team continues to report a strong response to the magazine from the alumni and friends they serve, including direct reports of stories published leading to an increased gift/funding. We receive positive feedback from all of our stakeholder groups.

Our team included an editor/writer, graphic designer, a part-time editorial assistant, and for one issue, a part-time graphic design student. The college communications team and external relations/development team provide content, proofreading, and other editorial support. Our web team design lead provides support to Connect online. This year several articles were written by staff writers around the college. The college communications office manages the budget for this publication, including freelance photography, with the annual donor roster pages and this year’s campaign inserts contributed by external relations/development.


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