CEHD Connect-The Power of Play

  • Category: Design

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    Target Audience:
    Alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the College of Education and Human Development

    Date(s) Published:
    April 2017 (Spring Summer 2017 issue)

    Quantities Produced:
    65,000 and online

    Our objective here was to create a cover that as a stand-alone piece, conveyed on an easy read, at-a-glance the fun, and playful nature of children. We wanted the cover to clearly illustrate the subject matter of the cover story, told both through headline and imagery.

    This cover really came together around this image of the boys climbing. The photo does an amazing job of capturing the innocent, curious bravery of children at play, which is really the point of the whole Power of Play story package included in this issue, and lent itself well to space to align the bold typography of the headline, while tying all the cover elements together simply through slight use of color. The cover was well received, getting notice from other colleges on twitter, which is a nice pat on the back that the effort was acknowledged.

    We hired a photographer for a photoshoot at our lab preschool, and the graphic designer and editor worked together to create this cover.


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