2017 Maroon Shirt Design

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Target Audience:
UMN alumni

Date(s) Published:
August 31, 2017

Quantities Produced:

The Maroon Shirt design was a limited-edition design for a tshirt that was the powerhouse of the Alumni Association fall membership campaign. The shirt that showcased this design was available as a premium for joining the Alumni Association for the first time, or available for purchase for our members. Our goal was to meet our member and revenue goals for our fall membership acquisition campaign, and spread some maroon and gold cheer to our members through a unique, members-only item.

This campaign exceeded previous fall campaign member acquisition by 73%, and exceeded revenue by 81%. Another, less tangible, goal that was met was creating an avenue for our members to show their U of M pride in a unique way. This design was limited (only available to members August 31 – October 20), and also showcased the words “Alumni Member” on the back of the shirt. Our goal was to sell 500 shirts, but we ended up distributing over 2,000!

The team who worked on this design consisted of two people – the Director of Membership Marketing and the Senior Art Director. This design was created within the first six months of both team members working for the Alumni Association, and was included in their first large-scale membership appeal. We worked with an alumni-owned business, Synergy Imports, to print the shirts.



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