2017-18 Welcome Students Poster

Category: Design

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Poster or Single Sheet

Target Audience:
All incoming first-year students, transfer students, and returning udergrads

Date(s) Published:
June 2017

Quantities Produced:

For over 20 years a Welcome Students poster has been created and places all over the Twin Cities campus to welcome all students to the fall semester. The objective has always been to simply announce that we are all welcome here. In 2017 we collaborated with several departments and individuals to create a poster with 15 languages spoken by many of our students. Languages represented are Objibwe, Dakota, Thai, Hmong, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnames, Korean, Farsi, Swahili, Malay, Spanish, and Somali. A list of the collaborators, as well as more info about our posters, can be found at www.ofyp.umn.edu/posters.


We have received positive feedback from many stakeholders that our poster and its messages have complemented the many efforts around campus to announce We Are All Welcome Here! We increased the print quantities over last year by 200, and with the additional requests for posters we are close to running out.

Two graphic design interns – Amy Bartos and Allison Long – worked on the design, and we printed with Printing Services. Translation assistance was provided by Sandra Boone, Marina Uehara, Claire Halpert, Brendan Fairbanks, Molly Schwartz, Brittany Anderson, Zoe Brown, C̣aƞte Máza Neil McKay, Šišóka Dúta Joe Bendickson, international student leaders in International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), CLA – Department of Asian Languages and Literature – Arabic Language Program, CLA – Department of Asian Languages and Literature – Japanese Language Program, Karen Organization of Minnesota, CLA – Department of American Indian Studies – Dakota and Ojibwe Language Programs, and the PERSISMA Student Organization.


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