RecWell Infographic Series

Category: Design

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Target Audience:
UMN Community and Peer Institutions (annual review)

Date(s) Published:
January 2018

Quantities Produced:

RecWell wanted to create a more interactive and visually appealing way to present its annual report data. RecWell also needed the flexibility to send out information to multiple peer institutions and NIRSA, the governing body for Recreation Sports.

The stat infographics became the focal point of the RecWell annual report. What used to be pages and pages of data was now presentable through 4 graphics. These were successfully shared with the UMN community through the website and displays in the RecWell Centers. The graphics were also nominated for NIRSA Creative Excellence, which will be presented in March 2018.

The RecWell student marketing team, Marketing Director, and Associate Director for Assessment and Research were the members of this project. There was no budget allocated. The project took about 6 months to compile and update data, organize layout, and conceptualize/ design graphics in a presentable way.


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