Mandala Magazine: Summer 2017

Category: Design

Choose a Subcategory:
Regular publication

Target Audience:
Donors, friends, general public, strategic partners

Date(s) Published:
August 2017

Quantities Produced:

Share Center innovations with donors, alumni, friends, and partners
Educate and inform Center audiences about our work, and about integrative health and healing
Encourage participation in Center courses, researches, workshops, and other series

Mandala is one of our most beloved publications, and we frequently receive donations by community members and other leaders who are impacted by the stories they read. As we survey audiences, we often learn that Mandala is how they found out about events and courses, so it is clearly meeting its goal there, too.

Mandala is produced on a shoe-string budget; printing per issue does not exceed $5000. It is produced in-house by student designers, and led by an editorial team of full-time University staff; creative direction/editing is provided by a full-time University staff member. External authors are solicited and present content, but the core production team is three people, including a student. It takes approximately one month to produce the magazine (after stories have been received; this includes printing.



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