Humphrey Magazine

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regular publication

Target Audience:
Alumni, Donors, Friends of the Humphrey School

Date(s) Published:
November 2017

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The purpose of Humphrey is to showcase the impact of the Humphrey School on the wider world. The publication is externally focused and centered on people, celebrating interesting and important work done by faculty, students, and alumni and its transformative effects on public policy, civic engagement, global human rights, democratic political participation, and outstanding leadership in public and non- governmental arenas.

While Humphrey is intended to engage a wide array of readers, its primary target audience includes donors, prospective donors, and alumni, with the intent of growing financial support for the Humphrey School. Other audiences include prospective students, government officials, and journalists, as well as members of the general public.

Strategy: Opting for a news magazine format with good, smart writing and editorial photography, we do not include “faculty notes” or “alumni notes.” Stories include references to donor impact as appropriate, however we also avoid stand-alone pieces about giving.


The inaugural issue of Humphrey was met with great enthusiasm by school leadership and key audiences. As the first magazine produced in decades, and as a replacement for a defunct printed newsletter, this project generated a ‘buzz’ among internal and external stakeholders. We have received numerous comments about the content, including feature stories on our faculty work and alumni, as well as shorter blurbs about the many happenings at the school. We invested in good photography, which amplified our storytelling and engaged audiences. In addition, this issue was recognized and admired by several peer communicators on the University campus. The most meaningful feedback included this: “I am especially impressed at how you were able to weave philanthropy into the content and make it an interesting and relevant part of the whole, as opposed to sectioning it off in a gated “giving” section like so many higher-ed magazines do”


Driven mostly by two Humphrey communications staff members (as managing editor and director of communications), this project included two outside consultants: editor and art director. In addition, we hired two freelance writers for feature stories, and three photographers for feature stories. The editor wrote a third feature plus the front of book content, which was mostly repurposed from existing website content. Remaining photographs came from Humphrey School archives. Total budget spent on editorial was $17,800, which included $2,500 in start-up design concepts & costs as this is our inaugural issue. Our managing editor (HHH staff) had overseen the production of numerous other campus magazines; outside editor, art director, and writers all have extensive magazine experience.

The project came in just under the projected total budget of $25,000, including editorial, printing, and mailing of 5,000 pieces. Total of 6,500 were printed


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