We speak your language!

Category: Design

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Target Audience:
Library patrons, visitors, and guests at all campus library locations

Date(s) Published:
April 2017

Quantities Produced:

National Library Week 2017 took place April 9 – 15, 2017. The goal of National Library Week is to celebrate libraries and promote their use. During this week, we wanted to highlight noteworthy aspects of our collections that make us valuable to a diversity of patrons. Our non-English language materials are important for researchers in foreign language fields and also for use by patrons who speak languages other than English. A bright and colorful set of infographics were designed to catch the attention of students and other patrons. At a glance we wanted them to see the volume of foreign language materials held and the locations in the world whose languages are best represented in our collections.

Sign holders with this attractive, informative poster were placed in prominent, heavily trafficked areas at the major library buildings on campus: Wilson Library, Walter Library, Magrath Library, and the Bio-Medical Library.


Graphic designer and writer/editor on staff. Printing was handled internally at large printers in the Borchert Map Library.


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