2017-2018 Gold Book

Category: Design

Choose a Subcategory:
Multi-page print

Target Audience:
All incoming students and their parents.

Date(s) Published:
June 2017
Quantities Produced:

Gold Book was created to provide a comprehensive overview of University resources through a narrative of a student’s first year. It is distributed to freshmen and transfer students during their new student orientation, as well as to each family member that attends Parent and Family Orientation. This publication incorporates content from all University departments that have information and/or resources to share with new students. It is intentionally designed and printed as a high-quality piece to increase the likelihood that students will save it and reference the information throughout their first year.

In follow-up meetings with departments represented in Gold Book, stakeholders say they are happy with their content and how they are represented. In surveys many students report still having the publication and referencing it from time to time. We have also learned that several peer institutions have created similar publications based on our design and format.

The gold book as two project managers, a graphic designer, external editor, and multiple content providers from all over campus. Photos are supplied by University photographers, and the publication is printed with Printing Services. The publication cost is considerable, but is less than the total cost of having every department print its message on separate fliers and assembled into a folder.


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