Innovations in Biology Grand Challenges Symposium Poster

Category: Design

Choose a Subcategory:
Poster or single sheet

Target Audience:
UMN Scientists in the College of Biological Sciences and College of Science and Engineering

Date(s) Published:
Feb-March 2017
Quantities Produced:

Drive engagement and attendance through compelling design. Create a brand for in all symposium collateral (title slide, way-finding poster, program, name tags, online and print promotion). Create a brand identity for future events related to the symposium.

Met client’s goals for event attendance. Brand will be used with a modified color palette to promote the 2018 symposium.

This poster was produced by the BioTechnology Institute’s (BTI) Science Communications Lab (SCL), an internship program for undergraduate writers and designers. Art Director: Michael Winikoff, Communications Director at BTI. Designer: Katie Johns, Student Design Intern, SCL. The budget for all components was under $100.


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