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internal: all University of Minnesota affiliates, external: Twin Cities individuals unfamiliar with CCAPS

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October 2017

In October of 2017, our college announced that it was changing its name from the College of Continuing Education (CCE) to the College of Continuing & Professional Studies (CCAPS). Our goal was to get the word out about the name change while simultaneously educating the public (as well as U of M students, faculty, and staff) about all the programs and degrees that CCAPS offers. The name change gave us an opportunity to reintroduce ourselves and make an impression as CCAPS, and we decided that an eye-catching video would be the best, most accessible way to tell that story and achieve that goal.

We wanted to avoid many of the tropes of typical campaign videos (classrooms full of students, marching bands, smiling students, laboratories and athletic events) to to captivate and inspire viewers with creative filmmaking and fresh language.

We worked internally to storyboard, script, and animate a motion-graphics video that walked viewers through all the degrees, programs, and professional development offerings that CCAPS has. Creating “icons” to represent each of the undergraduate and graduate degrees, the motion graphics team could simplify CCAPS’ array of programs into interesting visuals that told a story well. The final video was well-received by CCAPS staff and is currently used by our leadership team and program staff to give a quick and engaging explanation of the college as a whole to those unfamiliar with the college. We’ve also received positive feedback from the applied degrees’ advisory board members. The video is currently viewable from the CCAPS homepage as well as its YouTube channel.

Our budget was around $1,000, and we used that money to outsource voiceover talent. The motion graphics work for the video was done entirely in-house by our OES team. The marketing team brainstormed in multiple meetings to collaborate on the storyboard, and our team writer developed the voiceover script. Our team size was five, not including the woman we hired to do the voiceover recording. The project spanned six months, which included revisions.


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