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Prospective students

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Feb 2018

As the video producer at UMD, it’s my goal to create high-quality video content that aligns with the themes and goals outlined in our marketing content calendar. The theme for February was “Student Success – Celebrating Diversity.” The objective is to post this content to our YouTube channel and social media accounts to celebrate student success and strengthen the university’s brand.

The video received over 14,000 views through our Facebook account and over 1,000 views on our YouTube channel. We also made a short version of this video and posted it to Instagram where it received over 700 views. In addition, we used a few clips from the video and set them as the banner video on the UMD homepage linking to a landing page where prospective students can learn more about our university. It was also broadcast on local television during the intermission of a hockey game.


It was important to me to identify a student who is living out the values of our university and to record video of that student in a variety of environments. So the biggest resource used was time.

What I believe makes this video shine is the quality of the interview. From the lighting and sound to the actual content, I think we executed very well. We even introduced some haze into the locker room to amplify the environment. Interviewing someone takes a lot of experience and preparation. Not only is it important for the interview to look professional, but it’s equally important for the student to feel comfortable enough in that environment to deliver natural responses to questions.

When the production was complete, we boosted our social media post with a budget of $125.



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