UMD Homecoming Video

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video (short)

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prospective students

Date(s) Published:
October 2017

As the video producer at UMD, there are a few events each year that I’m responsible for covering, including homecoming. Visual coverage of these events is often very similar year to year so this year it was my goal to present the homecoming video in a unique way. To do this, I wrote a poem that captures the essence of homecoming at UMD and asked a theater student to deliver the poem in dramatic fashion on camera. I then I overlaid imagery of the event itself to bring the whole piece to life.


This video was posted to our Facebook page where it was viewed over 22,000 times.

More importantly, I believe the message of the poem delivered in this video helped advance our continual effort to create an inclusive campus environment.


We boosted our Facebook post for $120 and paid a music license fee of $50.

I believe experience also was a factor in that it took foresight and planning to execute a video that celebrated homecoming while also creatively delivering a message of inclusion.



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