UMN Campus Shuttles: How to Ride Video

Category: Interactive

Choose a Subcategory:
video (short)

Target Audience:
Primary audience is U of M students, faculty, and staff. Secondary audience is visitors to campus.

Date(s) Published:
November 2017

Quantities Produced:

* Increase awareness of campus shuttle service
* Inform on how to use the University shuttle system
– how it works
– who can use it (anyone on campus)
– what it costs (free)
– how to read campus maps
– where the buses go
* Educate about transit rider safety
* Recruit real students/PTS student employees as actors/talent
* Leverage the University brand and department brand to increase interest in the content

The video was shot in August 2017. It was made publicly available on YouTube in November 2017. It has been shared with the management team at Parking & Transportation Services and received rave reviews from the staff. It has also been shared with Orientation & Transition Experiences in order to promote this more robustly to incoming freshmen and transfer students this coming spring.

Our budget for the project was $4,000. One individual wrote the script and handled the project manager role. Several internal subject matter experts assisted in editing the script. PTS used a videography team of four individuals from Printing Services as well as six PTS student workers as amateur actors. The actual shooting took place during three days for a total of less than eight hours of time. The hardware and software used included:
– Adobe Premiere
– Adobe After Effects
– Adobe Illustrator
– Canon EOS 5D Mark III
– Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone
– Zoom H4n Audio Recorder
– Excellent Shuttle Drivers



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