Advocacy Social Media Blitz Day

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Coordinated Social Media

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April 24, 2017

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At the end of the 2017 legislative session the Minnesota Legislature’s proposed funding for the U of M was not sufficient to cover our core missions of education, research, and outreach. We needed a bold and loud way to show the legislature the amount of support we had from citizens across Minnesota. Our goal was to raise voices in support of the U of M and have citizens directly ask their lawmakers to support us. Since lawmakers spend more time on Twitter than any other social media platform, it became the obvious tool to use
-On the social media blitz day we are over 1,000 uses of our campaign hashtag #Driven4MN
– We had 50% share of voice for the hashtag #mnleg
– There were a total of 800 clicks on our campaign webpage on that day
– Before the blitz day the Minnesota Legislature proposed $18.67 million in funding for the U of M, the final budget bill, which was passed after blitz day, had $54.62 million in funding.
– Using the event as a way to alert voters about funding levels, and giving them an immediate course of action. This builds affinity with the University for future endeavors.

We did not have a budget for this project but used our internal team including a designer, developer, writer, and marketing strategists. This project took around 22 hours to complete.

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