Driven campaign brochure

Category: Writing

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Promotional marketing writing

Target Audience:
donors, potential donors

Date(s) Published:
September 2017

Quantities Produced:


This brochure is a tool that development officers can use, when talking to donors about potential major gifts, to describe the U’s fundraising campaign, campaign priorities, the impact gifts will have, and how specific colleges/campuses/units fits into those goals (the pocket on the inside back cover is for college/campus/unit inserts).

We wanted the Driven brand to stand apart from predictable higher-ed writing and design swimming in ivy-covered brick and smiling students on the quad. We wanted Driven to reflect the sense of adventure and closeness to nature that our state is known for. This campaign is a journey to solve the world’s grand challenges, and its creative expression should inspire donors to join this quest.

From a branding perspective, the brochure embodies the visual identity of the Driven campaign–an identity that’s reflected in other campaign materials such as the campaign website (, campaign videos, and college/campus/unit cases.

We have received positive feedback from donors, senior leaders, and development officers about the engaging visual nature of this piece and the power of the impact stories that show how gifts to each priority area can make a real difference. The $4 billion campaign is pacing ahead of schedule ($2.7 billion with 3.5 years to go).

Design and writing were done entirely in-house. We hired professional photographers for some of the photos, and others were re-used from in-house publications or college/campus/unit partners.


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