Medicine Reimagined

Category: Interactive

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video (long)

Target Audience:
Discovery Showcase attendees and website visitors

Date(s) Published:
October 2017

Quantities Produced:

This video was originally shown as part of the Foundation’s Discovery Showcase event for donors. It was then posted to the Foundation web site and distributed through email and social media to a broader audience as part of the Driven campaign launch. Our main objectives were to showcase pathbreaking research happening at the U of M and convey the profound impact that this innovative research has on people in Minnesota and around the world.

The video was well received by the live audience at the Discovery Showcase event and has a permanent home at give.umn.eduin support of the Driven campaign. Because the video was made in support of Driven, the real indicator of success will come down the line when the campaign’s goals have been met.

We spent $1700 on voice-over talent and studio time. Shooting, editing and scripting was done in-house by a team of two with contributions and feedback provided by several additional staff members and additional video footage provided by U of M partners. Approximately 160 staff work hours were spent on the project over 4 months.



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