Nicholas Howard Uncovers the Honeycrisp Family Tree

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short feature

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general public

Date(s) Published:
May 2017

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The release of the honeycrisp is one of the most notable accomplishments of our department. We wanted to highlight the work of one of our graduate students on solving a mystery most people didn’t know about: what is the genealogy of the honeycrisp apple? In addition to highlighting recent findings, we thought that this story would have a lot of public interest as well.

This article received far more press than our tiny department is used to. It was picked up by the college news, the University of Minnesota Foundation for their newsletter, and two trade magazines (Good Fruit Grower and Growing Produce). An article in September by the Star Tribune (20 things you didn’t know about Minnesota’s famous Honeycrisp apples) referenced the findings in the article as one of its points. Additionally it was sent to our alumni via our email/print newsletter, where nearly 200 people clicked the link in the e-newsletter.

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