Refreshed MyU Design

Category: Interactive

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Target Audience:
Students, Staff, Faculty on all campuses; parents and job-seekers

Date(s) Published:
October 2017

Quantities Produced:

Improve the mobile experience of MyU and create a newer, cleaner interface with less visual clutter and better usability, while maintaining familiarity with MyU for our users. Create a new top navigation structure for easier navigation to pages both inside and outside of MyU –while maintaining the pieces of the navigation that already worked well for people.

We’ve had incredibly positive feedback from the community, including positive Tweets and emails from students. Our bounce rates are down and number of pages visited per session are up.

We had a team of 4 business analysts, 2 developers, and 1 content expert working on the project along with our directors, a student worker, and a project manager. 2 of the BAs were newer to the team. We had help from the Usability Lab on campus with testing. We completed the project in 6 months.




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