The RecWell Story, A New Twist on “Annual Reports”

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UMN community

Date(s) Published:
Feb 2018

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RecWell wanted to create a story page that was multi-layered. Meaning, it combined data, information, photos, links, videos, blogs, more. The hope was that the user could select how much information they wanted to pursue. This was created as a way to better maximize “annual reports” and shift the focus into ongoing reporting that’s easily updated.

What started as a new way to do an annual report became so much more. Students sent in their own stories and content to add information, the RecWell staff shared with sponsors and community partners, and this page became vital to requesting Student Fees funding. This page has transformed from data based to story-telling based and will continue to add in the future.

The web platform was created by one person who received data and stories from the RecWell department programmers, who are about 35 full-time staff members. Videos, photos, and graphics were gathered from previous projects. Adobe Spark software was used for a small annual fee of $100 and required moderate graphic design skills.



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