Today, you’ll meet the University of Minnesota

Category: Interactive

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video (short)

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Legislators, faculty, staff, the public

Date(s) Published:
August 2017

Quantities Produced:

Our objective was to create a video for use by University of Minnesota leadership, colleges and units, government relations, and the Board of Regents that showcases the U of M’s impact on the lives of people around the state. Specifically, we aimed to capture a “day in the life” of a Minnesota family, showcasing how U of M discoveries impact their lives daily. We would reference our land-grant history in illustrating why the U of M is so important to people and the state instead of giving them a history lesson.


We did zero paid promotion and have received 9,260 views on YouTube; 3,280 views Twitter; 6,634 views Facebook. Total organic views: 26,028.

We received a stream of emailed comments expressing thanks and pride:

“This is a wonderful video! … I have worked at the U for many years, but I still learned about a couple of innovations … Another reason I’m proud to work at the U of M!”

“It makes me proud to work at the U!”

“This is outstanding. It’s one of the best videos I’ve seen that demonstrates impact. Great job!”

“Brought a tear to my eye. Feeling very proud to work here.”

The video was mentioned in AAU’s weekly report by University of Michigan’s President:

“… I commend the University of Minnesota for their recent video. Not only does this video showcase the university’s history, but it highlights the impact of its research, teaching, and innovation.”

This video was produced in-house. We incurred $662 in production costs for equipment rental and incidentals. We hired an actress to be our main character for $1,725 because we needed her for 3 days of filming. All others appearing in the video were volunteers. Total cost: $2,387



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